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Are you worried about your increasing medical bills? Are you worried about missing more and more work? 

Are you worried about not getting your good health back? Are you worried the other driver's insurance company is not going to be fair?

Does this mean that you are going to left with a pile of bills and no one to help you pay them off? There is a better way.

Attorney Joseph McClelland has over a decade of experience representing clients in insurance matters across the state. He is a member of the New York and Georgia state bars. He recently earned the designation of Advocate by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. You want someone with his qualifications on your side.

To get a significant settlement or verdict, you are going to need a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer to fight and litigate your case.  

Insurance companies do not pay out without being forced to these days.  Hire a qualified accident litigation attorney to take care of you.

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Find the Right Accident Lawyer for Motorcycle Injuries in Atlanta

Most people don't have friends or family that have been in motorcycle wrecks to ask how their attorney was. Another method may be to speak with an attorney that you had employed on another matter.

Do You Actually Like Your Personal Injury Lawyer? There are Options in Atlanta.

Another important factor is about their personality. They don't have to ride motorcycles like you, however, it's important that you have a level of comfortableness and appreciation for your motorcycle accident representation. I spend a lot of time on the phone and in person with clients as their attorney and personality matters. You want an accident attorney you can don't mind being in a conversation with or the jury won't either.


Major Considerations About Motorcycle Settlements

One of the biggest obstacles in any personal injury case is finding all of the insurance and hoping that it is enough for the damages of the case.  Let us unpack this sentence because it can be a heart breaker. First, you must locate all of the insurance policies that may apply.  This is not as easy as you may believe.  You would think the insurance company for the at-fault driver would just give it to you, right?  Wrong!  They don't have to do it unless you force them to with the correct statutory language and affidavits. Isn't that amazing?

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So, let us pretend you have gotten this far.  Is this all of the insurance out there?  This is a huge topic and broader than the scope of this article, but you must start looking to uninsured motorist coverage, medical payment insurance, and other policy provisions. Now, you have found the insurance, will it be it enough?  Now, we are talking more about the value of the case. Motorcycle accidents happen every day. You want someone that is prepared.

Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Lawyer When You Have Significant Injuries

As a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Atlanta, I hear this question a good deal from people.  I also see this question in forums and such places.  It's an easy answer.  That answer is yes.  If the attorney was willing to take the time and take the case, then it must be profitable for the attorney.  In that situation, we may feel that one, you have a case, and two, your case has value. Now, you may ask the question, why not do it yourself? I hear this question all the time after a motorcycle accident.  

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So, should you hire an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney or contact an Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney is really the same question?  Can you see that?  Why would they ever make you a good offer?  Think about that.  You cannot take them to court.  You cannot make a good opening statement.  You cannot even answer their discovery questions and motions without losing the case.  They will try and succeed at beating you.  It's only fair and just that someone with training beats someone with the same training.  Their attorneys have trained.  Their claims adjuster has trained. 

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I am not saying after training you cannot do it.  I am not saying it is beyond your capacity.  I am just saying or questioning why you would you spend all of that time learning what to do.  Then, trying to do it for the first time.  It is too much to ask of yourself, I think.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia?

Wet roads

Negligence of other drivers

Not being seen

Drunk drivers

Blind spots

Door accidents

Paying the Medical Bills

Furthermore, the money an attorney can save you on medical bills will shock you.  Have you seen your medical bills recently?  They are not cheap when you have a serious injury.  There are things you have never heard of that cost more money that some of the best things in anyone's house.  I hope you enjoyed all those services because they have to be paid.  You also want to be sure when you pay them, they can never come back and ask for more money. Also, you will need to know too much about stacking insurance policies.  This is too complicated to discuss in this article. That is some things are possible to do.  But, some things should be done by someone else. Atlanta motorcycle accidents happen every day. You want someone prepared. If you have suffered a traumatic and severe injury, call our injury law firm today.

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Deadly Motorcycling Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

Many people in Georgia are killed while driving a motorcycle, unfortunately this isn't a strange occurrence.  However, this make is no less tragic.  Bikers usually drive their bikes for fun, not necessarily for their ultimate transportation.  They usually have other cars or trucks.  So, it is sad these severe accidents happen while the drivers are out just enjoying themselves.  

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If a family member was fatally injured, you are entitled to compensation in Georgia.  A motorcycle wreck can change a family.  As for the deceased, they are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering until they passed.  They are also entitled to the dollar value of the enjoyment of life as a direct result of the motor vehicle accident.  you are also entitled to a full lifetime's worth of salary at their salary.  The other types of compensation after an accident are beyond the scope of this article.  If you are interested as a bike rider, please contact my personal injury office for a consultation on these matters.

In case any bike riders wanted to do some legal research on the personal injury law, I would start with the Georgia Wrongful Death Act.  This act controls the legal case in Georgia.  It's a very strict code, so it must be read and followed by perfection.  Hire a wrongful death lawyer. Call Joseph P. McClelland, LLC today at (404) 341-8485.

Was a Loved One Killed in a Deadly Motorcycling Accident?

This is a tragic situation for you and the family of the motorcyclist. In times after a significant injury after a motorcycle accident, it's important to follow the proper system to make sure they get for you what you are entitled to received. As an accident attorney, I've seen some of the worst types of bike accidents and damages they cause to the families. When you are ready, reach out to our law firm so we can help you start putting things back together. Motorcyclists should always contact an injury attorney for a consultation after a severe accident. Our injury practice represents riders with  catastrophic injuries. You won't pay our attorneys at all until we get you a recovery. Call Joseph P. McClelland, LLC today at (404) 341-8485.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage in a Motorcycle Accident

So, we will now see if they live with someone.  This may allow us to utilize their insurance on top of his.  Let us keep our fingers crossed on this one, but good news can come at bad times.  So, be optimistic and never quit. Next, let us look at our own policy in this case.  If the deceased had medical payment insurance of a few thousand dollars, you can pay some your medical medical bills. Contact our accident attorney today if you've been in a motorcycle accident. Call Joseph P. McClelland, LLC today at (404) 341-8485.

  • Road conditions
  • Helmet use
  • Citations given

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Bike riders have a right to get complete compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more, so hire a personal injury lawyer today.  Time is valuable in catastrophic accident cases. Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney. Contact us right now at 404-381-8584 for a free, confidential consultation. 

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