Are you familiar with different types of releases?  Do you know how to locate all available insurance?  Do you know how to certify no one is lying?  Do you know how to implement UM or uninsured motorist coverage?  Why would you unless you worked in the insurance field?  Joseph McClelland has over a decade’s of experience representing clients in insurance matters.  You are going to need a really good Atlanta, Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer to fight and litigate your case to get highest settlement or verdict.  Insurance companies do not pay out without being forced to.  

You have a right to get complete compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more, so hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today.  Time is valuable in accident cases. Contact us right now at 404-381-8584 for a free, confidential consultation.

How to Choose the Attorney?

One way may be to ask friends or family for recommendations or advice from other motorcyclist or bikers. Another method may be to speak with a former attorney that you had employed on another matter. Go online and review sites. Or read articles by different car accident attorneys until you have established an authority in handling injuries and fighting insurance companies in Georgia.


Joseph P. McClelland, LLC 1075 Peachtree St NE, Ste 3650 Atlanta, Georgia 30309 (404) 381-8584Meeting for the first time with your injury lawyer, you are interviewing their law firm. Therefore, you should have questions that you want answered about the insurance company responsible and representation of recent motorcyclists and victims. Inquire as to what law school they attended. Ask about memberships into different states bars. Inquire as to their level of experience practicing law in Georgia and have they filed suit against drivers or a driver for the wrongful death of the victim. Ask what percentage of their caseload involves personal injury cases.  Has the Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer ever helped motorcycle riders in a crash that were riding without a helmet and suffered serious damages in that motorcycle crash?

Another important factor in choosing the best lawyer is about their personality. They don’t have to ride motorcycles like you, however, it is important that you have a level of comfortableness and appreciation for the individual. I spent a lot of time on the phone and in person with clients.

Opinions and Assessment

When discussing your case for the first time, go over different aspects of the claim. 

Description of Joseph P. McClelland, III’s Best Articles on

  • We give an overview of an injury claim including filing insurance claims, settlement negotiations, injury litigation, and more.  This article has links to all of our motorcycle accident articles.
  • Why it is important to have great insurance policies.  Some UM coverage is basically a scam.  Read this legal article on why UE and not just UM coverage is vital in many Georgia accidents
  • What should you bring to your first meeting at the law firm?  Bring your accident report, medical bills, and records to your consultation.
  • Article about a recent bike wreck in Atlanta, Georgia.  Talks about the collision and provides a legal analysis of the law associated and facts of the case.  One of the best articles to see how an injury claim is handled.
  • We discuss how to start or file you accident claim.  

Hire Joseph P. McClelland, III as your plaintiff’s attorney for Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Decatur, Riverdale, Jonesboro, Stockbridge, McDonough, Jackson, Griffin, Monticello and Macon.

Important Insurance Coverage Tip:  If you drive a bike, then you owe it to yourself and the people that rely on you to go and get a copy of your insurance policy.  Look at it in detail.  Find what amount of insurance you have that relate to:

  • Medical Payment Insurance and
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

No one gets into a small motorcycle crash.  Insurance will be needed, but do you have the right type.  First up, medical payment insurance is important.  An emergency room must treat you for your injuries, but no other medical facility has to.  You want the best medical attention when you are injured.  This policy pays doctors directly.  Therefore, you will be able to have the proper medical professionals treat your injuries.

Next, you need to find uninsured motorist coverage in your motorcycle insurance policy.  Some people are rotten and no good.  When they hit you, they will flee the scene of the accident.  You are on the ground and will be very unlikely to get any valuable information.  You will still be on the ground.  Uninsured motorist coverage will provide you with coverage in these hit and run situations.  

Further, the average driver only has $25,000 in coverage, so you need an insurance attorney who knows how to proceed.  A few broken bones exceeds that by far.  Plus, that leaves you will not compensation for pain and suffering.  Uninsured motorist coverage helps in these situations.  Contact me to represent you as your injury lawyer to protect your interest and fight for compensation to you.

The phone number for a free consultation is (404) 381-8584.  Hire your Atlanta, Georgia motorcycle accident attorney today.


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