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Are you facing a divorce and are not exactly sure about the next steps? Are you wondering how the law divides property and debts between the two of you? What about the kids? Who gets custody, who pays child support? How are the holidays divided for visitation?

Our law firm can focus the issues and provide you with right advice when you need it right here in Atlanta. 

Speak with our attorney about questions you have or worries that you need addressed so we can focus on your concerns. 

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Atlanta Family Law

What Does This Costs?

We charge by the hour and make sure that we are transparent with where things are and where things are going. There will be no surprises.

How Long Does It take?

It takes between a 2 months and 2 years depending on the circumstances for those who live in Atlanta.

Attorney for Contested Divorces

Do You Have to Go to Court in a Divorce?

In Atlanta courts, it depends if it is a contested or uncontested divorce and what the issues are.

What if My Spouse Is in the Military?

We can help you if you or your spouse are in the military. These cases should be handled differently because of the benefits.

Who Gets the House after a Divorce?
Can You Modify Child Support?

Yes, you can modify child support under certain conditions. It depends on many factors. If the child custody changes, then the child support automatically changes. If you think the amount is too low or too high, give us a call.

What is An Uncontested Divorce?
Atlanta uncontested divorce is when both parties, Husband and Wife, agree on the division of any property gained during the marriage, division of debts accumulated, custody of the kids, paternity, that child support will be paid, and on all other issues. 

An uncontested divorce is the fastest, least expensive, and the least emotionally stressing way to get a divorce in Georgia. An Atlanta divorce is similar to a divorce in Decatur. It is about how you approach the case that matters. Contact us today at 404-381-8584.

Joseph P. McClelland is Senior Partner & Practices Divorce Law for Men and Women in Atlanta Since 2001. He has been practicing law for almost going on 20 years.

I have represented men successfully, as well as women, in disputed custody battles. I represent clients is easy, quickie divorces to more complicated, disputed divorce litigation in this practice area.

Free price quotation call 770-775-0938 if you live or work in Atlanta or in the area one of our offices.

Child Support & Divorce
Speak with Mr. McClelland about child support obligations that are required until the legal age.

Can I get alimony in Georgia?

How is child support determined?

In Which County Would My Divorce Attorney File?

What are the grounds for divorce in Georgia?

Our law office represents clients in Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, Stockbridge, Conyers, Stone Mountain, Jones Creek, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Dunwoody and more.

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Joseph McClelland
Joseph McClelland

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