Fair Credit Reporting Act in Maryland

The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Maryland

Everyone in Maryland has a credit report. What is on it is controlled by the Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA). This is a federal law and requires creditors, also known as furnishers, and the crediting reporting agencies to do several things regarding the accuracy of the credit reports. If you notice an error and dispute it with the agencies but its not fixed, you may have a claim for damages and can force them to fix the errors.

Common FCRA Errors to Correct in Maryland

  • Old to be on your report (generally 7 years)
  • Wrong and inaccurate
  • Identity fraud
  • Mixed up credit report with another person's information

Do You Have a Claim under the Federal or Maryland Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Code of Maryland §14-203 (5) - NO reporting of records of arrest, indictment, or conviction of crime after seven years unless their salary is $20,000 or more.

This law is similar to the laws in other states such as New York and Oregon. However, there is no exception for working in the financial or banking industry.

Do You Have a Claim under the Federal or Maryland Fair Credit Reporting Act?

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