The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Hawaii

Is there a Fair Credit Reporting Act in Hawaii?

Like many states, the state of Hawaii hasn't added any additional protections regarding credit reporting, so there is no new laws just for the residents of Hawaii.

This does not mean that for those people living in Hawaii don't have any credit reporting rains, it just means that the state of Hawaii did not add in any additional statues that relate to credit reporting information.

In Hawaii, focus on your federal right under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

Under this law, the credit reporting agencies have an obligation to maintain accurate credit reports. Further, you have a right to dispute inaccurate and incomplete or misleading information. 

If you dispute to the credit reporting agencies, the creditor or furnisher of the information must be verify the accuracy and completeness of the information that they are providing to credit reporting agencies.

If wrong and false information is not corrected, you may have a claim for damages under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Hawaii on Employment Matters

If you are applying for a job or if you have a job and a promotion is a possibility, your employer may want to review your credit report. 

Based upon their credit report review, your company may decide to take an adverse action against you and send you adverse action notice letter.

If they do this, they must also send you the name and contact information of the credit reporting agency that provided the information, a copy of the report that they obtained, and information on state and federal credit reporting rights.

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