Fair Credit Reporting Act in Oklahoma 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act in Oklahoma 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA) is a federal law and requires creditors, also known as furnishers, and the crediting reporting agencies to do several things regarding the accuracy of the credit reports.

If they credit report is actually wrong, then you can make these consumer laws work in your favor and file a lawsuit to correct the inaccuracies. If the info on your credit is correct (just not what you want), then these laws will not help in you.

Oklahoma House Bill 2492 provides that prior to requesting a consumer report for work, you be notified and must be given an option of a copy free of charge.   

Oklahoma really adds nothing with what they attempted to add with a security freeze on your credit file.  The statute provides how to place them and get them removed, and caps the credit agencies to charge $10 to freeze it. Pretty much useless because most of this is under the federal law.

Top Credit Report Errors in Oklahoma 

  • Too old to be on your report (generally 7 years)
  • Information that is false and inaccurate
  • Identity fraud accounts you find
  • Mixed or merged with another person's credit files.

Damages under the Oklahoma FCRA

Under the FCRA, you are entitled to emotional distress damages, economic damages, costs, and attorney fees.

Can You Sue Under the Federal or Oklahoma FCRA?

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