Fair Credit Reporting Act in North Carolina

The Fair Credit Reporting Act in North Carolina

The Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA) is a federal law and requires creditors, also known as furnishers, and the crediting reporting agencies to do several things regarding the accuracy of the credit reports.

You have a right to sue creditors and credit bureaus for damages in court using the FCRA laws. Federal rights plus your North Carolina FCRA rights can work together to get your credit fixed.

Common FCRA Errors to Correct in North Carolina

  • Information that is too old to be on your report (generally 7 years)
  • Information that is just wrong and inaccurate
  • Information that is not yours such as identity fraud
  • Information that is mixed or merged with another person's credit files.

Specific North Carolina Fair Credit Reporting Act Laws?

North Carolina has the Identity Theft Protection Act, but this law has nothing to do with credit reports. Go figure, right? It does put some pressure on local businesses to be more secure with your info. 

Article 2A, §75-60, et seq. provides additional responsibilities for the protection of social security numbers when given to a business.    


Do You Have a Claim under the Federal or North Carolina Fair Credit Reporting Act?

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