Fair Credit Reporting Act in South Carolina

The Fair Credit Reporting Act in South Carolina

The Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA) is a federal law and requires creditors and the crediting reporting agencies to do several things regarding the accuracy of the credit reports. Most of the rights you have regarding your credit report comes from the federal law. South Carolina adds some extra protection for ID theft victims which we discuss below.

Common FCRA Errors to Correct in South Carolina

  • Information that is too old to be on your report (generally 7 years)
  • Information that is just wrong and inaccurate
  • Information that is not yours such as identity fraud
  • Information that is mixed or merged with another person's credit files.

South Carolina, unlike many states, add some extra protection on top of the federal FCRA.

The Consumer Identity Theft Protection Act – §37-20-110 makes the credit reporting agencies give notice to creditors who use a consumer report if the agency becomes aware address changes.  A credit card issuer shall also verify the change of address by contacting the person if the application has a different address listed.

Filed under the category of chasing an overseas ghost or your cousin, victims of ID theft can request the police to do their job and investigate. Shocking, right? 

Filed under something that is VERY AWESOME is that in SC you can go to court and obtain an order from the court that you didn't open the fraud account. That's super cool.  

If you are having an issue with something inaccurate on your credit report, reach out and let's chat.

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